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to maximize your
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1. Global distribution network

Establish a global distribution network for you hotel inventory. Publish your rates & inventory in real-time without any time-lags.


Global OTA's (Online Travel Agencies)

Internet travel sites (OTA's) are the fastest growing distributors of hotel inventory & rates. Mantras connects to over 100 OTA's to ensure full coverage of global markets

GDS (Global Distribution Systems)

GDS (like Sabre, Amadeus) are still a significant provider of hotel bookings from international corporate clients.

Mantras provides connectivity to all the major GDS providers

Hotel Booking Engine

A hotel's website (booking engine) is the most preferred channel for a hotel. Mantras provides direct connectivity to a a number of leading internet booking-engines to ensure you have the best of choices.

Meta-search engines

Meta-search websites like (Trip Advisor, Google) are a growing source for hotel bookings. Mantras connects directly with a large number of such providers.

2. Easy update of Rate & Inventory

Inventory must be dynamically priced on a daily basis as per demand & pace of bookings. An easy user interface (UI) helps save time & avoid errors.


Bulk Updates

Save time by updating your rates & inventory across a 365-day period in a single action

Linked Rooms & Rate Plans

You can link prices across your rooms & rate plans (using a percent or absolute price difference). Thus you need to only change the base price which will cascade to all linked rooms & rate plans.

Manage rates using Promotions

Implement a revenue strategy using promotions. Mantras will handle the sync of promos & prices across all channels. Save time and avoid potential errors.

Rule-based Automation

Setup rules to automate the updates of rates & inventory as per pace of bookings

3. Tracking your competition

Your competition is chasing the same potential customer base as you. Its important to keep track of the competitive offerings to ensure you do not miss out on your revenue targets.

Competitor Prices

Track your competitors' prices daily to remain relevant in a competitive market

Page Ranking

Track your page ranking across channel and compare it against the competition

4. Automate your daily tasks

Identify the gaps in your current revenue management.
Understand ways to enhance yield or occupancy.

Tracking competitor hotels

Tracking the competition to ensure your pricing & page ranking (visibility on channels) remains competitive

Booking & Cancellations

Auto-tracking of bookings & cancellation to ensure inventory is updated and cancellation charges applied

Rules based pricing (auto-changes)

Apply your pricing policies into an automated rate & inventory update. Ensures you can maximize your yield without constant manual tracking

Revenue opportunity tracking

Automate the analysis & notification for potential revenue or yield opportunities

5. Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Revenue Management

Improvements in AI & Machine Learning (ML) technologies allows us to predict demand and recommend pricing with greater accuracy than ever before. Using it can provide you the competitive edge to achieving revenue goals.

Revenue Gap Analysis

Improved usability is dedicated to improving your audiences' online reading experience.

Revenue Planning

A Revenue Plan is necessary for effective revenue management. Mantras can auto-build a forward revenue plan based on the past history of bookings. This plan is customizable as per your revenue strategy & policies.

Forecasting & Pricing

We used advance AI-ML models & algorithms to detect changing demand & make pricing recommendations as per your revenue policies.

Real-time Notifications

We continuously monitor the market conditions and will notify you of any revenue opportunities that we detect

6. Track your guest feedback

Your guest are giving you feedback & telling it on the internet. Are you listening?
Your potential customers are certainly factoring their opinions prior to making a booking.

Reputation Tracking

Track the feedback your guests are giving across multiple internet channels.

Reputation Analytics

Understand the underlying factors for a given guest rating. It will help you improve your brand promise and achieve your revenue goals.

7. Integrated with your systems

We understand your preference for choice. We integrate with the best of providers of multiple hotel software systems. You need not be locked into a single-vendor provider

Hotel Management Systems (PMS)

Property Management Systems (PMS) are the backbone of hotel systems. Mantras integrates with a large number of reputed providers.

Internet Booking Engine (IBE)

Hotels prefer to customize their website with an IBE than suits their offering & revenue strategy. We support the preference for choice by integrating with a the best of IBE providers

Reputation Management (RMS)

Reputation Management is an emerging technology with a number of innovative offerings. Hotels prefer to stay flexible with their options. We integrate with a number of RMS providers.

Analytics Tools

Integrate the Mantras platform with 3rd party analytics tools

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